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What kinds of adoption are available in Traverse City?

With adoption, there are many possible paths to parenthood. The types of adoption you might consider include:

  • Direct adoption — This is an adoption directly from the birth mother to the adoptive parents without any agency involvement.
  • Domestic agency adoption — This occurs when an agency in the United States assists the birth mother in placing the child with adoptive parents who are also in the United States. The agency evaluates and counsels everyone involved. These adoptions can be within the same state or interstate.
  • Fos-adoption — Adopting a child from foster care is called fos-adoption. There are thousands of American children who are waiting in foster homes to be adopted.
  • International agency adoption — International agency adoption occurs when U.S. parents adopt a child from another country. An agency places the child and handles the adoption process.
  • Step-parent adoption — For a step-parent to step into the shoes of a biological parent and adopt the child, the biological parent must be deceased, have had his or her rights terminated by a court or agree to the adoption.

Because there are so many possible paths to parenthood, you need an attorney who is experienced with adoptions to help you make informed choices. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of domestic, interstate and international adoptions. We are prepared to guide you through the process and help you bring your child home.

How are parental rights terminated?

For a child to be adopted, the legal parents’ rights must be terminated. Parental rights can be terminated in several ways.

  • Death — If a child’s parents are deceased, there are no further parental rights.
  • Termination by a court — If parents abuse or neglect a child, the state can ask a court to terminate the parents’ rights. After the parents’ rights are terminated, the child is then freed for adoption.
  • Termination by agreement –Parents can voluntarily surrender their parental rights to the government or to new parents. This is generally what happens in direct, agency and step-parent adoptions.

It is a big decision for biological parents to give up their rights. If you are adopting, you want an attorney who will make sure your agreement with the biological parents is enforceable and that all legal requirements have been properly completed.  Attorneys at the Phelps Legal Group know how to protect your rights.

Helping you narrow down your adoption choices

The Phelps Legal Group is ready to help you find your child. We have brought hundreds of parents and children together in the  United States and through international adoptions. We are passionate about adoption and our attorneys serve on multiple boards for domestic and international adoption issues. We fully understand the law as well as the personal dynamics involved in adoption.

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