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What rights do fathers have in custody cases in Michigan?

Michigan family law gives no preference to either parent. Custody is always decided based on what is in the best interests of the child. A Michigan court considers the following factors when making custody decisions:

  • The emotional ties between each parent and the child
  • Each parent’s ability to raise and educate the child
  • Each parent’s ability to provide for the child financially
  • The length of time the child has lived in a stable environment
  • The permanence of each parent’s living arrangement
  • Each parent’s moral fitness
  • The health of each parent
  • How well the child has been doing at home, at school and in the community
  • If the child is old enough, the parent with whom he or she wants to live
  • The willingness of each parent to encourage a relationship with the other parent
  • Domestic violence
  • Anything else the court determines to be relevant

It makes no difference whether a child joined a family through adoption or is the biological child of the parents — custody is always handled in the same way. We at the Phelps Legal Group are prepared to wisely represent you in your child custody case.

What rights do grandparents have to custody or visitation in Michigan?

Michigan’s Grandparent Visitation Law codified the right of grandparents to seek custody or visitation in the following situations:

  • The child’s parents are divorcing or separating, or are already divorced or separated
  • The child was born out of wedlock, the father has been legally recognized, and the parents do not live together
  • The child does not live with his or her parents, or the parents do not have custody of the child
  • The grandparent was a care provider for the child within the past year

To bring the matter before a court, the grandparent must have been denied visitation by the person who is the child’s guardian and the lack of contact with the grandparent must be detrimental to the child.

Our attorneys are prepared to assist grandparents in custody and visitation cases. We listen carefully to your concerns and work tirelessly to accomplish your goals.

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