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Setting child support at a realistic level

Whether you will be paying child support or receiving it, our family law attorneys know how to protect your rights. If you will be receiving child support, you should realize that a bigger child support obligation is not always better — if the support payments are unrealistic, there’s a greater risk of default, or nonpayment. If you will be paying child support, you should understand that the court is not going to approve payments that are inadequate for the proper care and support of your child. The divorce lawyers at the Phelps Legal Group work hard to make sure your child support is set at a realistic level.

How is child support calculated in Michigan?

Whether child support is an issue in your divorce or you are an unmarried parent, child support is calculated using standardized worksheets that are completed by both parents and disclose their income and expenses. A formula in the Michigan Child Support Guidelines is then applied. Some of the factors that are considered when determining child support include:

  • The parents’ incomes
  • The number of times the child spends the night with each parent per year
  • The number of children in the family
  • The parents’ children from other relationships
  • The child’s medical expenses
  • Any child-care expenses
  • The child’s special medical or educational needs

Child support is paid monthly through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit and can be modified if there are substantial changes in either parent’s financial situation. Child support is paid until age 18 for a child not in high school and up to age 19½ for a child in high school. We have years of experience helping parents with child support issues.

Can a grandparent or relative apply for child support?

Grandparents and other relatives in Michigan are eligible to receive child support when all of the following criteria are met:

  • The grandparent or other relative has legal custody of the child
  • The child lives with the grandparent or relative
  • The child is financially dependent on the grandparent or relative
  • One or both parents do not live with the child

If you are a grandparent who is the care provider for your grandchild, you may be entitled to receive child support. Our attorneys can guide you through this process.

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