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Alimony, also called spousal support or maintenance, is money paid by one spouse to the other after marriage or while a divorce case is pending. Alimony is meant to help the dependent spouse become self-supporting after the divorce. At the Phelps Legal Group, we work hard to ensure that your alimony order is fair and meets your needs.

How is alimony determined in Michigan?

Alimony is often one of the most contentious parts of your family law case. The court considers a number of factors in setting alimony, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The incomes of the spouses
  • Conduct by the parties during the marriage
  • The spouses’ ability to work
  • The health and ages of the spouses
  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • The present and future needs of the spouses
  • General considerations of fairness

There is no formula for alimony as there is for child support, so the amount is based on the judge’s discretion and judgment.  Because of this, it is essential that you retain an attorney who is experienced with Michigan alimony cases. The Phelps Legal Group is ready to give you the advice you need. We can also help you with the division of assets in the divorce.

What types of alimony can the court award?

  • Permanent alimony is paid for the rest of the dependent spouse’s life. It usually is awarded only when the dependent spouse is elderly, disabled or must stay at home to care for a child with special needs.
  • Rehabilitative alimony is ordered when the dependent spouse needs financial assistance for a limited time to become self-supporting. Rehabilitative alimony allows the dependent spouse to go back to school or receive other training that will make him or her employable.
  • Temporary alimony is paid while the divorce is pending. At the end of the case, it is replaced with permanent, rehabilitative or no alimony.

What happens if my financial situation changes?

Spousal support can be modified. Changes in income, benefits, jobs and health can justify an increase or decrease in the amount of alimony. An experienced divorce lawyer can make a persuasive argument to the court that the alimony order needs to be modified. We make sure your alimony payment stays at a fair level when the circumstances change.

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