Adoption Lawyers Facilitate Direct Adoptions in Traverse City

Providing guidance and support for direct adoption

If you are interested in direct adoption, the Phelps Legal Group helps you navigate the process. Our attorneys have years of experience and a passion for adoption. We have brought many parents and children together with direct adoption services in the United States.

Can a single person adopt a child?

You don’t need to be married to adopt a child in Michigan and most other states. It is also possible to adopt internationally as a single person. The process is generally the same for single and married people. The Phelps Legal Group has helped many single people become moms and dads.

Call us to get started with your adoption

We are eager to share more information with you about the benefits of direct adoption in the United States. Call the Phelps Legal Group today at 231-421-6577 or use our online contact form. Our office is at the corner of Grandview Parkway and M-72 in Traverse City.